Shabbat Parah Adumah

Shabbat Parah Adumah Slides (PDF)
Shabbat Parah Adumah Notes (PDF)

This special Portion, Shabbat Parah Adumah  (“Shabbat of the Red Heifer) – Ezekiel 36:16-36 & Numbers 19:1-22  lists  God’s regulations concerning purification from contact with death though the Red Heifer .

This Portion is read on the Shabbat immediately following Purim, in preparation for the Passover / Unleavened Bread holy days.  All able-bodied Hebrew males are required to go up to Jerusalem to celebrate this feast as well as Shavuot and Sukkot.  Anybody coming in contact with a dead body must be purified before he can enter the Temple and into God’s Presence.

This sacrifice also foreshadows the soon coming of Messiah, Who will purify us all!


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