Vayikra Slides (PDF)
The Sacrifices (PDF)
VaYikra Notes (PDF)

This week’s Portion starts the Book of Leviticus with the phrase “V’Yikra” (“And he Called”) – Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26.  Leviticus is the Priests’ Operating Manual – giving detailed instructions concerning the sacrificial system, the priesthood, purity, Feasts of the LORD, etc.

The details of how to perform the sacrifices are presented in this Portion, but the “why”, “when” and “where” are not.  The sacrifices can be placed into these three groups:

  • Dealing with Our Sin (Expiation): Sin Offering & Guilt Offering
  • Our Commitment to God (Consecration): Burnt Offering & Grain Offering
  • Our Fellowship with God (Communion): Peace Offering (including Vow, Thank & Freewill Offerings)

As we continue our journey through Torah, we will piece together the “Why, When & Where” of the sacrifices.

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