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This week’s Portion, Metzorah  (“Leper”) – Leviticus 14:1 – 15:33 – continues with  God’s regulations concerning the treatment of leprosy.

Last Week’s Portion ended with the procedure to identify Leprosy.  What is striking about this is there is no mention of a physician – just the Priest.  This gives the impression that what is talked about is much more than a medical condition; since the Priest is the only one involved. It must be spiritual in nature.

This week we learn the “treatment” for leprosy —well, actually, there is no treatment shown here!  ..…just what to do after the leprosy in gone!   There is a noticeable parallel between the preparation of the Red Heifer (Numbers 19) and the sacrifice to “purify” for leprosy.  This is another indicator that “leprosy” entails more than a medical condition.

The final chapter deals with other types of discharges from the body …. equally as disgusting as leprosy!

God is showing us that we are all infected with a DNA defect called Sin!  And it manifests itself in many external ways.  We don’t need a physician – we need The Great Physician to give us New Heart!

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse from all unrighteousness,”                                                                                                                                 I John 1:9


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