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Bereisheet Part 2 Notes (PDF)


This is the beginning of Torah, covering some 2,200 years of history from God’s perspective – perhaps 14 Billion years from man’s perspective.  This vast difference in time is the difference between looking through natural eyes (where scientists see 14 Billion years have elapsed) and looking through God’s (Spiritual) eyes.  God created everything –even space and time; so He is outside of those restricting dimensions.  The Biblical account of creation is not necessarily at odds with the scientists’ account – just from a different perspective.

The Portion starts with God; He is pre-existent and outside of our confines of time and space.  In the first three verses we are introduced to the Creator God (Elohim), to the Spirit of God and to the pre-existent Yeshua (as “Light”).  The account continues through the six days, concluding with the creation of Adam.

We see the Creation of Eve from Adam and then the Fall of Man.  The Fall continues with Cain’s murder of Abel; and then the very interesting genealogy from Adam to Noah.  The Portion concludes just before the Flood, with the revelation of the hybrid creatures called Nefillim.

From the very beginning, God shows us His Plan.  He has called each of us from before this beginning and His desire is that each of us know Him in the most intimate of ways.

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