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In this week’s Torah Portion, we see Moses’ Father-in-Law Jethro re-appear to give him advice on leading this huge group of people…..perhaps the first recorded advice of a management consultant!

The Children of Israel arrived at Mt Sinai 50 days from their departure from Egypt – corresponding exactly to the Counting of the Omer detailed in Leviticus 23.

Moses prepared the people to meet God upon the Mountain, but they chose to send him instead as their representative. God appeared there in smoke & fire & thunder & lightning.  The people moved away from the Mountain in fear, but Moses went into the darkness….and there he met God.  And there God entered into a Covenant with the people – if Israel obeyed God, then He would make them a Kingdom of Priests.  And as priests, they would be mediators between God & the World; through Israel, the World would know God.

The Portion ends with Moses returning with the “signed’ Covenant – the Ten Commandments along with all the rest of the Covenant conditions.

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