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In last week’s Portion, we saw the God proposing marriage to Israel in the form of a Covenant.  This week’s Portion, Mishpatim, shows the conclusion of the terms of the covenant and its ratification.  These covenant terms started in last week’s Portion with the Ten Commandments; they conclude this week with specific applications of each of the Ten Commandments with instructions concerning:

  • The treatment of servants – Remember, Israel had been slaves in Egypt for the last 215 years and needed this reminder
  • Murder, strife and the importance of personal property
  • Sexual immorality, including pre-marital sex; witchcraft & bestiality
  • Idol worship
  • Provisions for foreigners, widow and orphans
  • No-interest loans for fellow Hebrews
  • Respect for judges and leaders
  • Reminder of each Hebrews’ obligation of the Firstborn
  • Prohibition of eating meat sacrificed to idols
  • Bearing false witness; not engaging in mob actions; and warning against bribery.
  • Instruction concerning the Shabbat of the Land; the Shalosh Regalim and the three Mo’edim (Feasts)
  • The Promise of God’s Protection as Israel occupies the Promised Land

The Portion ends by confirming this Conditional Covenant that God made with the Children of Israel; it is a Blood Covenant.



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