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In this week’s Torah Portion we see the Children of Israel leaving Egypt; but instead of taking the short route heading north to Canaan, God leads them south to the Red Sea.  About 2.5 million men, women & children were in that group; just imagine the logistics of moving that many people – that truly was a supernatural event!

But as they were leaving Egypt, Pharaoh changed his heart & his mind (again) and led his army to try to bring them back into slavery.  God sent (or rather, He became) a cloud between Israel & the pursuing Egyptian army.  God once again showed His Power & His Precision by parting the Red Sea to allow Israel safe passage …. and then closed it back again to drown all the Egyptians.

Once safely on the other side, Moses praised the LORD with his Song of Moses … and then the journey began.  The first stop is the bitter waters of Marah when the murmuring started.  God made those bitter waters sweet for all to drink.  Then they complained about not having food; so God sent quail & manna to satisfy their hunger.  Finally, they complained that they were thirsty again, and God provided water… this time from a rock!  In all these situations, God provided for their needs– just like He provides for us.

The Portion closes with the first battle of the Exodus – with Amalek.  And once again, God showed His Power by defeating the Amalekites.  Next week the journey continues on to Mount Sinai.


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