Ha Azinu

HaAzinu-Vezot-HaBracha-Slides (PDF)
HaAzinu Notes (PDF)
Deuteronomy 32:1-52
This week’s Portion, Haazinu (“Listen”) concludes last week’s Portion with the 70-line Song of Moses which he taught to the people of Israel on the last day of his life.  Even though Moses could not enter The Land, his spirit would go with the people through this song.

The Song starts with Moses reminding the people who God is (Father and Creator) and who they are (perverse and crooked). It continues with Israel’s history, their future rebellion and God’s turning of His Face from them.  The song concludes with Israel’s repentance and God’s promise to restore her to The Land.

The Portion concludes with God’s instruction to Moses to go up to Mt Nebo, where he will see the Promised Land before dying.


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