End Times Sequence of Events

The Revelation Judgments Chart (PDF)
Tribulation Vrs Wrath Verses (PDF)
End Time Sequence Notes (PDF)

In this session, we explore several  verses that are used to defend the Pre-Tribulation position:

1) Is the “open door to Heaven” in Revelation 4 describing the Rapture?
2) Does the Rapture occur before the revealing of antichrist?
3) Who is the Restrainer that must be removed before the Rapture
4) Who are the 24 Elders that John sees in his Revelation vision?
5) Is The Church really missing from Revelation chapters 4 to 19?

The key to understanding the Book of Revelation is recognizing the difference between Tribulation and the Wrath of God.  We will learn the promises that Yeshua made to us (in Scripture) concerning these two types of events.  We will then separate the Seal, Trumpet & Bowl Judgments into Tribulation and Wrath events.

Most students of Bible Prophecy see the Book of Revelation as very difficult to understand.  There are two reasons for this:

1) They don’t understand the many Old Testament references in Revelation.  The Holy Spirit uses those references to clarify John’s apocalyptic visions; not recognizing those events only muddies the vision.

2) They try to force John’s visions into a Pre-Tribulation Rapture scenario ….. and   it just doesn’t fit!

The result is lots of confusion, misunderstanding and frustration.

So ….let’s clear all this up right now!!


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