The Harpazo

Old Testament References in Revelation (PDF)

Yeshua, in His Matthew 24 Olivet Discourse said, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”  As we begin our study of the coming End Time events, we must start with the timing of the so-called Rapture – or harpazo  in Greek.  Most Christian denominations today teach nothing about the Rapture; and most of us that are taught the Rapture are receiving incorrect interpretations.

The Bible is clear in its teaching that Believers will experience tribulation and persecution in these End Times; to be taught that we will “be outta here” before these things happen is not Scriptural.  When we are suddenly and unexpectedly presented with antichrist and his mark, many Believers will not be prepared to resist.

Even though the Rapture will most likely not be the next event to happen on God’s Prophetic Calendar, it is essential that we all understand its timing.  Learning about antichrist, his mark, the one world order, etc. will not be an intellectual exercise – we will be right in the middle of all that!

Our purpose in this study is not to set dates; but rather  to prepare us for the End Time events – emotionally, spiritually and physically – so that we may endure to the end.

There are three pre-requisites to understand before starting this study:

The Rapture is real.

The Rapture has not been yet fulfilled; it is a future event

The Rapture (Yeshua’s return for His Bride) is a separate event from His 2nd Coming

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