The Coming Antichrist

Allusions to the Antichrist (PDF)
Antichrist Slides (PDF)
The Coming Antichrist Notes (PDF)

In this session, we will study what Scripture has to say about Antichrist ….  the end-time ruler who attempts to conquer the world.

The Bible had many names for this person, and we have chosen to use perhaps the least descriptive of all of them.  Paul used this name in his Epistle of I John, yet he never used it in his Book of the Revelation.  Antichrist is not one who opposes Christ (Yeshua), but rather one who comes in His place.

Here we will look at the end-time world conditions, and learn what he will be like.  This is not an academic study – we Believers will be here on earth to witness some of Antichrist’s activities.  We must be able to recognize him so we won’t be deceived by his lying wonders!