The Passover Seder

A Messianic Passover Seder Booklet (PDF)
Passover Seder Slides

The Passover Seder has been celebrated for 3,500 years.  It is the story of God redeeming Israel from slavery in Egypt, and it is the story of Yeshua redeeming us from slavery to sin.

We see Yeshua throughout the Seder (Seder means order): in the Unleavened Matzah; in the Afikomen that is broken, wrapped in linen, hidden and redeemed for a price; and the unbroken shank bone of the lamb.

We recognize the elements of Yeshua’s Last Supper as those of the Passover Seder: the bread, the wine, the parsley, the horseradish, the hymns that concluded the Seder.  Those final hymns – the Hallel Psalms #115 thru 118 – had been sung for 1,500 years before Yeshua fulfilled them.

Once again God, from before the Foundation of the Worlds, determined the hymns that would be sung at His Son’s death.  Israel rehearsed those songs for 1,500 before that Final Performance!

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