Feast of Tabernacles Notes (PDF)
Feast of Tabernacles Slides (PDF)

The Feast of Tabernacles, the 7-Day Festival that concludes the Religious Year.  It is the final Shalosh Reg’lim, the three times per year that every Jewish male is to travel to Jerusalem to present his Firstfruits offering to God.  This final harvest is all the nuts and olives and fruit of the season.

There are more animal sacrifices offered during this time than all the other Feasts put together.  A total of 70 bulls are offered – the number 70 is symbolic of all the Nations.  The previous week saw the High Priest atone for himself and the Levites, for the Tabernacle and Altar, and then for the Nation of Israel.  And now that Israel has been redeemed, she is atoning for the Nations!  Yet Satan convinced the Nations to destroy the very Temple that God provided for their atonement!  But Zechariah tells of a future Millennial Temple where sacrifices will once again give the same pattern of Yeshua’s Redemption to future generations.

This is the end of the harvest, the end of the year.  The crops are in the barns and it’s time to rejoice!  God’s final party for the year is a real blow-out!

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