Feast Introduction & Passover Notes (PDF)
Feasts Introduction Slides (PDF)

The First Passover gives us the details of the release of the Children of Israel from their slavery in Egypt: the Ten Plagues that “persuaded” Pharaoh to release the Children of Israel; the selection and sacrifice of the Lambs; the Unleavened Bread in preparation of their journey out of Egypt; and the crossing of the Red Sea to freedom.

For 1,500 years Israel celebrated Passover, rehearsing the events of the First Passover.  The Yeshua arrived on the scene, and He became the Passover Lamb, fulfilling every requirement!

From before the Foundation of the Worlds, God chose the date that His Son would die (Nisan 14, Passover); He even determined the time of day that He would die (“between the evenings”, exactly 3 PM).

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