The Feasts of Yah’veh

Hebrew Calendar (PDF)
Feast of the LORD Handout (PDF)
Feast Introduction Notes (PDF)
Spring Feast Slides (PDF)

Fall Feast Slides (PDF)
Fall Feast Notes (PDF)

The Feasts of Yah’veh are not the Feasts of the Jews; they are not the Feasts of Israel.  They are the Feasts of Yah’veh – and they belong to all those who are in Messiah!  Halleluia!!

God calls them feasts and convocations.  The Hebrew word translated “Feast” is mo’ed, and it is more accurately translated as a recurring event or an appointment.  The Hebrew word translated “Convocation” is miqra, and is also more accurately translated as something to remember or a rehearsal. So, when God established His Feasts, He gave us His Schedule of the rehearsals of things to come.  God has marked His Calendar with those days He wants to meet with us —   and He has given us the events He wants us to rehearse.

The first three Spring Feasts were rehearsals for Yeshua’s First Coming … and He fulfilled each Feast to the letter.  The fourth Feast (Shavuot or Pentecost) was fulfilled with the Outpouring of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).  And we have every expectation that the three Fall Feasts will be just as perfectly fulfilled by Yeshua at His Second Coming!

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